DeFlo VSD – Variable Spray

The DeFlo VSD integrates the precision and simplicity of a Control Valve into a Desuperheater to attain maximum turn-down, responsiveness and accurate control.

For the maximum efficiency the DeFlo VSD atomizes the cooling fluid at the vena contracta just downstream of the throttling point right at the injection point. The special design of the spray retainer ensures a hollow swirling cone pattern of the atomized fluid.

The total cooling water differential pressure is available at the throttling point hence optimizing the atomizing effect even further.

The integrated MASCOT DeFlo VSD:
  • No Additional cooling water control valve required.
  • Class V shut-off available.
  • Probe installation which does not influence the piping geometry or velocity of the gas.
  • Lower maintenance cost: No additional valve to service, integrated lightweight & compact high performance actuator.


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